Starting May 10th, small businesses and organizations will have a new outlet for learning skills to reach their clients through media. Our staff will be leading this six-week course, Basic Media for Businesses, on topics including camera operation, video editing and distribution.

After offering informal classes in media production for a decade, we were approached by local employers and asked to provide a more formal course in communications and media skills. Most media courses in the area are only accessible to high school students, so a need for professional development on these topics was apparent. With support from the State of Vermont’s Building Communities Grant program, we were able to purchase the computers and software needed to start this course. These computers will also be available to the public for editing their video projects.

The class size will be small (under 10) to allow every participant to get hands on experience with cameras, sounds equipment and editing software. In addition to building their media skills, everyone will complete an independent project that will be showcased during the final class. The staff is excited to start this course and hope to offer it again in the fall.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming class schedule!