Are you ready to up your game?

Northwest Access TV is excited to introduce a new club available to the Franklin County community. NWA Esports is a state-of-the-art gaming café that not only allows you to play video games with your friends but also learn how to start your own gaming channel. With four high-end gaming PCs connected to our broadcast studio, your gaming has never looked better!

Sign up for our summer club to learn how to start your own channel, reserve a time for your own matches among friends, and/or stream a tournament with gamers across the world. Want to bring your own console or PC?  Go for it! Want to sign in to your own gaming profile? You can do that too!

When: Wednesdays beginning on July 6th until August 24th.
Where: NWA-TV Classroom/Studio at 616 Franklin Park West in St. Albans, VT
What: Learn the basics of setting up a livestream, coordinating an Esports tournament, edit and package the footage for your channel.

Each session will include playing video games with other participants and a lesson about livestreaming and highlight editing.

To sign up, contact

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