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Channel 15

Channel 15 is full of local shows and events. Here you’ll find sports, community events, church services, and other shows.


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Channel 16 is dedicated to local government. Watch regular meetings from local schools, governments, and regional committees.

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Our citizen media producers are volunteers and most do not have any previous TV experience before they work with us.

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JANUARY 26 @ 6-8PM

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Are you Franklin County’s next great filmmaker?

Citizen journalist? Or just want to use an awesome camera? Learn basic operation of our cameras in a hands on, interactive class with instructor, Paul Snyder. The class will include setting up audio and video equipment, adjusting levels and framing for the best shot. Even a tip or two about interview techniques.

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Editing can make or break your movie.

At Northwest Access TV, our editing stations are equipped with Adobe Premiere Editing Suite and in just a couple short hours, you can learn how to use all the tools necessary to edit your own project. From fancy wipes and fun filters to balanced & crystal clear audio, we are here to help.

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MARCH 23 @ 6-8PM

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It’s easy to produce a show here.

Our professional studio is accessible to everyone and can produce everything from music shows to hard-hitting political interviews and inspirational health programs. This class will give you a chance to try being in front of a camera in a no pressure setting. Instructor, Paul Snyder, will also review the planning that goes into a show and steps to sharing your show so you become a media sensation.


APRIL 13 @ 6-7:30PM

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Find out how to make great video on your smartphone.

Learn what it takes to get great results using your smartphone camera and how you can shoot and edit right on your mobile device.

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DSLR camera


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Want to get the most out of your DSLR? Get shooting and framing tips, technical help, and more.

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Ho ho ho! It’s the
Santa Call-In Show!

Watch our broadcast of a local favorite as local children call in to Santa Claus.

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