Northwest Access TV is seen in more than 6,300 homes across Franklin County, Vermont. Started by a dedicated group of volunteers, it first hit the cable dial in 1999. A single show, on a single TV channel, run by a single employee was the modest beginning. The organization served Highgate, St. Albans and Swanton.

In 2014 Channel 16 was added to include more government meetings and hearings, while Channel 15 remains the local home for educational and public access programming. With local students, residents, municipalities and organizations, Northwest Access TV produces 1,800 hours of new programming every year.

  • 1999 Channel 10 first seen on Frontier TV
  • 2000 Channel 10 becomes Channel 15 on Adelphia
  • 2002 First Election Day coverage
  • 2004 Channel 16 launched for governmental programming
  • 2005 Adelphia sold to Comcast
  • 2006 First Live Meeting airs on Channel 16
  • 2008 Sheldon added to viewing area
  • 2009 Studio Digital Upgrade
  • 2010 Broadcast system upgraded to entirely digital
  • 2012 16-Online service begins for Select and School Board meetings
  • 2013 Digitization of the NWATV Archive begins
  • 2014 New broadcast system purchased
  • 2016 First live sports events streamed
  • 2017 Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburg, Fairfield, Montgomery and Richford (former North Country Cable system) added to viewing area
  • 2018 NWATV Media Barn completed