How the FCC could end community media center funding

Access media is an unusual business model. We are a non-profit organization, but our funding comes almost entirely from a single source, Comcast. The explanation of why and how that could change requires a quick trip back in time to 1984. The Cable Act of […]

Community Media Leaders Converge in St. Albans

A day of heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the Vermont Access Network (VAN) as they hosted their annual meeting in St. Albans for the first time. With our new building we were able to fill the studio and classroom with 80 attendees on […]

Women's State Championship Hockey

Winter Sports Wrap Up

Local high school athletes had a memorable winter season and we captured the action on basketball courts and ice rinks across the county. BFA-St. Albans, MVU, Enosburg and Richford High Schools all caught air time on Channel 15, as well as streaming live on Facebook. […]

Local businesses grow their media skills

Starting May 10th, small businesses and organizations will have a new outlet for learning skills to reach their clients through media. Our staff will be leading this six-week course, Basic Media for Businesses, on topics including camera operation, video editing and distribution. After offering informal […]