Well, first of all, we’re not Channel 15 anymore! The beloved and easily remembered channel number is no longer your home of public access content on Comcast. The cable provider has moved our channels up the ranks to 1079 [Public Content] and 1089 [Education & Government], closer to the channels you watch on a daily basis. This change will take a little getting used to but we encourage our viewers to remember that we’re still the same Northwest Access TV. Just because our numbers have changed doesn’t mean our commitment to transparency and media makers are going away.

In fact, we’ve made it even easier for you to keep up with your municipal happenings and local content.

For Comcast cable subscribers, you can now find our individual content on your interactive programming TV guide. You can either click TV Guide on your remote to view program titles and descriptions or use voice activation to find your favorite shows faster. For example, say “Enosburg Village Trustees” and you’ll be able to see upcoming air times and past episodes. This will also allow you to record individual shows as opposed to long blocks of time like before.

In May of 2020, our server went through a major upgrade. Our new Technology Coordinator, Alan, has been diving into the user manuals to showcase our systems fullest potential. Soon, community members (with or without Comcast cable) will be able to watch both our channels. All you need to do is visit the same website you’re already on. Just click the WATCH button on our website, sit back and enjoy!

Not to be outdone, but Northwest Access TV is also available for ROKU and Apple TV users. Simply add the app “Cablecast Screenweave” and scroll until you find that orange maple leaf you all know and love as Northwest Access TV’s logo. There, you can watch both channels live as they’re happening as well as Video On Demand for your favorite programs. Everything from original local series to municipal and school board meetings.

We have more plans in the works but are happy to announce these additional viewing options to allow more people in Franklin County the opportunity to watch Northwest Access TV.

– Paul Snyder | Executive Director