As the new year approaches in Franklin County, Northwest Access TV is in search of a new board member.

Specifically, a community member with a background in financing. At the annual meeting in October, Mike Curtis announced his departure from the board after five years in office, most of which as the organization’s Treasurer.

The board of directors is now in need of someone with financial management skills.

As for responsibilities, here’s what to expect as a Treasurer for this organization:

  1. Attend monthly board meeting on 3rd Monday
  2. Present a short summary on the organization’s financial status
  3. Sign checks as necessary for various vendor purchases
  4. Help the Executive Director with financial management questions

Before the monthly meeting, the Executive Director will present the Treasurer with documents provided by the organization’s bookkeeper. (Files created include but not limited to Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Check Detail, Cash Flow, etc.)

If interested in apply for this volunteer position, please contact Paul Snyder at or 802-782-8676.