Northwest Access TV Wins National Award for Best Overall Excellence

St. Albans, VT — Northwest Access TV is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious Best of Overall Excellence P.E. or G. Access award from the Alliance for Community Media‘s Hometown Media Awards. This award recognizes the exceptional quality and dedication of public access television stations with a budget of $300,000 – $650,000.

Paul Snyder, Executive Director of Northwest Access TV, expressed his gratitude and pride, saying, “We are incredibly humbled and elated to receive national recognition for our organization in the northern corner of Vermont.”

This honor highlights the team’s commitment to excellence and their significant contribution to the community.

“Our staff works incredibly hard throughout the year serving our community, from endless hours of meetings to more than 100 live high school sporting events. The dedication is inspiring, and I’m almost beyond words in appreciation of what our organization has achieved,” Snyder added.

He continued, “Franklin County should be proud of this achievement as it encompasses a glimpse of everything our community has to offer. We’re all national champions as far as I’m concerned.” 

The staff of Northwest Access TV will be making a special trip to San Jose, California, in late June to accept this national award at the Alliance for Community Media’s national conference. This is the second national award Northwest Access TV has received after winning in 2022 for its home shopping network parody on free public access services the organization provides.

For more information about Northwest Access TV and its programming, please visit or contact Paul Snyder at 802-782-8676 or

About Northwest Access TV

Northwest Access TV is a community television station serving the Franklin County area of Vermont. Dedicated to providing local content, the station broadcasts a wide range of programming, including local government meetings, high school sports, and community events.

About the Hometown Media Awards

The Hometown Media Awards, presented by the Alliance for Community Media, honor and promote community media and local cable programs that are distributed on Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access cable television channels. These awards celebrate the achievements of community media producers across the country.